Going Within

Going Within
Going Within
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Friday, February 16, 2018

For Valentine's Day!!

 A collection of pics that will make you all smile....None of these pictures are mine....

Please notice the expression of of both the mothers.  And the little one whose expressions are visible...

Simple --Dainty--Ladylike--and Au Natural!!

And this one has a special meaning.  When I was sharing this with my sister, her little one looked at it and said, 'How much off if you bring your mother along? 0%?' Don't think he realises how funny that was on so ooo many levels.  He just turned eight only a couple of weeks ago!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chasing Monet's (Blue) Moon

First Published on September 8, 2012, this one is being republished, obviously because today, Jan 31st, 2018 is a blue moon.  Not only that it is a supermoon and a lunar eclipse..  the next Super Blue Moon, won't happen until 2037!!  I have so many images of the moon, from so many places over the last years. But who will look for them?  This blog is in its 9th year of publication.  Much that I love it, I think I have started to repeat stuff.  Things have started to repeat. Either time to move, or with the focus or simply unplug.  I am amazed that I have a few loyal followers.  In many ways, I am not one to put pictures on Facebook or send links of albums to people.  But for some reason, writing stories around pictures I take, brings joy.  

This super blue moon--made me think--that if we were pagans, we would be celebrating these--rather than celebration 1st of January which has not astrological or astronomical significance...(mostly)!!

Regardless, for all those who care, meditate this whole week, make a wish or many wishes, release the past and get ready to chase your heart's desire this Super Blue Moon!!

These pictures were taken over a few days. 

The two bottom bright spots are street lights. The highest is the sky is our Lady Luna--far, far away and yet brighter than the street lamps. 

I had to ride my bike in sorts of places, to actually locate the moon once.  Here I stood in my own neighbor waiting for the clouds to part so that I could get a piece of moon. August 2012. 

Moon from my kitchen Window. It was much more beautiful than what it appears here. But here it does look like an impressionistic painting....and therefore ---all about our perception. 

A regular site on my bike ride....green and blue as far as the sky can see. 

Every country reveals somethings about itself by the things it places, preserves and lets go.  Here is hay, made during summer, now packed in plastic bags to be used over winter.  In Fiji, the sunshines perpetually and hay making is not a problem and often not needed.  I smiled when I saw these. I used to see this in the US, but not as early as August.  August 2012. 

The Moon: To the right of the middle section of the picture, and about halfway down from the top.  There is a white  ball that almost blends into the powder blue background. August 2012. 

The picture is blurred but it gives you an idea of what Sweden country side is like. Although this is not really country side.  This is as much country I have seen since my Botswana days.  The sections of windows that seem out of shape, were actually lit rooms. August 2012. 

When my iphone could not capture the bright late evening moon, I thought the moonlight reflected in the lake would make a better picture.  And it does. August, 2012. past 9 pm. 

I have been going  bike riding ever since I got the bike in May.  But in August, I made it a routine. Every evening for an hour or so.  Lake Alster is 10 Km away from where I live.  And I must be riding at least 80% of it that road, multiplied by two.  Back and Forth.

At the end of it my body is all loose, I feel much lighter, my mind is clear and I ask myself, 'Why did i not start this earlier?'

The first time I did it, it was past 8, and since our days are getting shorter I knew I had only about 80-90 minutes of light left.  And the bike ride could that much time. I did not want to be riding in the dark. 

But as I went on the lonely, long winding, undulating road I could not help but admire the beauty and calm that I am surrounded by.  I would stop in between and simply stare at the vast green fields.  Not a single soul to be seen, lone red houses here and there, and the gentle lanterns hanging in the garden that made it all seem so 'picture book like.'

At one point, I saw a young girl come out of a street on her horse.  Another time I saw a man on his roller skates, biking hat, using ski sticks to propel forward, riding the road faster than I on my bike.  Although at first sight it was slightly funny and different, I realized within a few minutes that must be a very common way of exercising here.  It is really a full body exercise if you think about it. Arms, legs, and mind. You are on roller skate, using your arms, like someone is rowing a boat, and ski sticks as the oars, only on road.

I had been hearing about the 'two moon' month.  August was not only a two full-moon month (first one on August 2nd, and then August 31st) that it was a wish fulfilling blue moon month.  

Full moon is  always a sight to admire.  But here in scandinavia, in the autumn full moons are strikingly bright.  

So, on my bike ride when I spotted it first, I stopped breathing for a few seconds.  Then I tried to bike towards the moon.  But it remained elusive hidden behind trees and bushes.  The more I rode my bike in the direction where I thought I might be able to see it, the farther I got away from it.

So, started this quest of chasing the moon. I just had to have another glimpse before I got back home. I must have ridden for at least another 45 minutes before I could see it.  By that time it was late and dark. The pictures that came out look like an impressionistic painting.  

And the feeling when staring at the moon was priceless.  I had to be grateful to have that kind of freedom to simply stand and stare at the moon.  

The moon is the same everywhere....but it is our longing that makes it beautiful.  And more importantly, it becomes attractive in the time and attention we give it.

Just like us, homosapiens!!