A Painting by my Sister: Rekha, a Famous Indian Actress

A Painting by my Sister: Rekha, a Famous Indian Actress
A Painting by my Sister: Rekha, a Famous Indian Actress
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Girl Smiling

Picture of a young receptionist in Japan. 
She just responded when I pointed my camera towards her, 2016

I know, I know, I owe some serious updates.  All I can say is that writing is going crazily well. I have actually written about 7 articles for various newspapers and a few academic articles in between, but there is much else to be written that I share only here, for a special few who read this site and know me personally.

But until I get to that one, which will happen soon, I thought of sharing this...
It says, 'Hey girls, smile like this someday, Pout can wait. ' and Ah so true...that pout is silly, and quite artificial....I must say.  It is the carefree smiles that we all fall for.....Hope you all enjoy this little one's right from the heart smile...(PS: subah-a persian word means Early Morning. Savere --a hindi word means early morning. This picture must have been taken early morning, when the girl was accompanying women from her family to the fields. And the comment, I guess, from the twitter handle, is from a 'man'!! sweet!!


Friday, March 10, 2017

When the heart doesn't Smile

Stone by Stone: Connecting with the divine
Prayer stones. Ayuthaya, Thailand

From nowhere sadness and an emptiness appears. Does it descend from above, or ascend from within?  It hangs like an overcooked egg white does in a soup.  Its amorphous,and yet  you know it by what it feels like.  Strong, pointed edges, as if it was created to tear you.

But, let there be no mistake.  Pain, is very real and usually welcome.  It making us realise our human condition in most raw of ways.  

Carl Jung had said, 'there is no birth of consciousness, without pain.  Embrace your sorrow (pain), there your soul will grow'

The best use of this strange feeling --is to remember how it feels and/but help others rise above it. In that service, our pain turns into peace.  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Copenhagen, Happy Hour and Free Hugs

Copenhagen, 2013

I have been to Copenhagen twice, and both times I stayed at the same hostel.  Nice, clean and very close to the train station. Copenhagen is about 7 hrs from here, but only 45 minutes train ride from Malmö, Sweden, where I have been for conferences etc.

The issue with hostels is that rooms can be quite crammed so one has to spend time in the lounge, which is usually very loud.  

Usually, I will still stay in the room and read. But this one time I did spend an hour at the 'happy hour'.   This fee hug thing fascinates me.  It is very interesting.  I come from quite a 'huggy' community and family in general. But free hugs??  They feel good, for sure.  But are they also a response to the fact that people are living alone, and not really connected with each other?

Here at the department, I have two very close friends. One from Spain and One from Kenya, every time they see me, and that can be several times a week, they hug me.  It is such a beautiful feeling.  It is often strange for those around us.  But I so enjoy the warmth.  Both of them took a class or two with me and both are now PhD students.  Also, both of them have been collaborators in publications. While I think free hugs are great, nice and beautiful concept, I think it is better to have friends you have known a long time, make a tradition of hugging each other ---and more than often.  

But still, that evening in Copenhagen, amid the evening buzz, and laughter during the dinner, to free hugs did bring smile and warmth to many. 
PS: the book reading is on, and I will share more when I have the time to type some excerpts from the book.